Becoming a Venture Capitalist, Part 2

March 23, 2011

by Jeffrey S. Koslosky

The final installment of this guide provides more information on what makes a successful venture capitalist.

4. Shrug Off Disappointment
Like anyone involved in any form of business, venture capitalists suffer disappointment. The industry can prove difficult for even the most experienced financiers. But only those who shake away failure and charge ahead to the next big opportunity have the chance to discover the next great product or service. Stay focused and stay positive.

5. Expand Your Network
Who you know often proves more valuable than what you know. Before you became a venture capitalist, you made it a priority to meet other venture capitalists and learn from them. That practice should not stop just because you managed to land a job. Continue expanding your network in order to gain even more wisdom from those who have been in the field far longer than you. Also, you never know when a contact will be vital in helping you secure a huge investment.

6. Study Prospective Industries
When someone comes to you with a request for venture capital, you will not be able to decide whether the opportunity is one you should take unless you possess a clear understanding of the prospective client’s company and goals. What are they proposing? Research the industry thoroughly to become knowledgeable and make informed decisions.

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