Financial services executive and entrepreneur Jeffrey Koslosky adds a strong sense of balance to his career through involvement in a range of community-based and personal endeavors. As a resident of the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area, Jeffrey Koslosky regularly volunteers his time and energy as a coach of youth basketball, football, and soccer teams in the region, bringing a lifelong passion for community service to these activities. Concerned with the welfare of cancer victims, war veterans, and impoverished families in Colorado, Jeffrey Koslosky has provided funding to such groups as Food Bank of the Rockies, the Men for the Cure Foundation, and local catholic churches. Highly active in his free time, Jeffrey Koslosky frequently takes advantage of the Colorado wilderness, enjoying recreational activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. During his quieter moments, Jeffrey Koslosky prefers to read the latest page turners from Vince Flynn, John Grisham, Harlan Coben, and Cormac McCarthy. A 1987 graduate of Colorado State University, Jeffrey Koslosky earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics and subsequently employed his degree in a series of largely profitable business ventures. Twelve years after graduation, Jeffrey Koslosky cofounded Regency Financial, followed by the Regency Group, where he focused his efforts on various areas of investment banking. Today, Jeffrey Koslosky plays a key role in the executive management of Denver’s Apis Ventures, LLC, which Editoffers a spectrum of business consulting, venture capital, and investments for public and private companies. At Apis Ventures, LLC, Jeffrey Koslosky brings more than two decades of experience to his work, providing the highest degree of management consulting services to portfolio companies in numerous market sectors.


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